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I fell asleep in a lecture room and dreamt

We were in the room and I was sitting in the same place but it was just us, you on my left. And no-one was around. That’s not quite true, there were people on the peripheries but they would not bother us, they would not see or mind us. In the film Kinsey (based around 1948) there’s a part where the researchers record people having sex as part of Kinsey’s scientific study of sexual behaviour. One of these short black and white videos was projected large at the front of the lecture room and it was transfixing and beautiful and sexy and pointless and disturbing.

Everything was warm and peaceful and it felt right to be there with you. I knelt on the floor and turned to suck your cock, you tasted right and I knew how you felt and that you were happy. I knew no-one else could see me. The thought of cumming (either you or me) didn’t cross my mind. Possibly the blowjob led to sex but I don’t remember, I think that was a vague fantasy when I woke. It was more a connection, slow and constant like sleep.



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All of it is people. All people are fallible. There’s no big mystery
{the cinema lights are alive}


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Possessions don’t mean shit, people do

Things I Can’t Tell You Right Now

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Tonight I found one of your pubes in my bed and it made me ache.
These are a few of my favourite things: The smell of hops, the smell of baking bread, the smell of your neck.


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