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From half a mile I saw the bus approach
the old lady didn’t
height, eyesight, position, preventing her view
I’m 6’3 in heels, 20/20 vision
our perspectives couldn’t be much more different, on this road
and on life I expect, with the generation gap
I wanted to say ‘the bus is here’ or
‘the bus is coming’ or ‘it’s just down the road’
to give her a few more seconds to gather her belongings
carefully walk from the pavement to the kerb
but I stopped myself, thinking maybe it’s best
if I let her do it on her own, let her see it in her own time
walk her own walk, know she’s capable
in the struggle of old age

Bottle You Up

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So many films, and all the times we slept on top of each other full clothed, weight on weight. The smell of you, the naked pictures with humour the priority. The way you twitch as you fall asleep. I don’t keep mementos, I’m not sentimental with physical items. I’m trying to be, I know the way things can be forgotten. I’m trying to hold back from throwing away birthday cards the moment I receive them. I’m trying to take more photos. The mementos I want are biological. I want a lock of your hair, I want to shave your pubes and use them to stuff a cushion (although that is mostly as a joke), I want a bottle of your blood.

What People Do

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Imagine you meet him
and when you’re with him
you feel joy at nothing
and everything hurts less
and bad things don’t seem to matter
and there’s peace in a crowded place
and joy in a ten hour shift
and you have a good reason not to go off the rails
because there’s a happy co-dependence between the two of you
and you do not want or feel the need to fuck that up
and you have an anchor now so you can’t disconnect
and you’re both trying to be better than you were in past relationships
and it works
then maybe you’ll be crushed
and get up again, and so will he
because that’s what people do
and he’ll exist in a sphere outside you
and everything will hurt more
and crowded spaces leave you breathless
and long shifts leave you crushed
and you’ll both be breathing deeply in different rooms a short while later
before carrying on
because that’s what people do

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