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Once upon a field of gold I met a girl named Summer
she said she she loved the autumn, and the burnt red leaves it brought.
I said, how can you say that when you never have left England
in Australia the winter winds might warm your heart.
I said, what have the other seasons ever done to you,
surely you cannot scorn them so without good reason.
She said, winter froze my uncle, and summer burnt my aunt
and spring brought the frightening laugh of a madman.
She said, alright I’ll travel the world and get other perspectives
but I can promise you that autumn will forever have my love.

Light and Warmth

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Last night I painted my walls black with all kinds of hell but as I slept I sleepwalked them white and woke smiling. I told myself I think too much, that I should lighten up. Myself told I if we jumped from a rooftop, gravity would not lighten up. I heard a story once that birds sitting on telephone wires decide the direction of their flight from the flow of conversation beneath them. It was winter and I told you this down the phone then said ‘south, south. 180 degrees from 0. 90 degrees on a sine graph’. You asked me what the hell I was doing, I said I was trying to keep them warm.

No matter how I let the sun shine on my skin I will never tan. I suit winter, my veins are blue, my skin is pale. The snow always reminds me of the holocaust, and sometimes when it snows I cry remembering images I have seen. There is a kind of comfort in the horror of a mass grave, singular graves are lonely places. Most mass graves were shallow and birds used bones to build their homes in skeleton trees and hold the ice away.

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