I Am An I, Sorry Amaravati

18/11/2012 § 1 Comment

‘Decisions, decisions…’

‘They’re not so bad’

‘Maybe not for you’


‘You’re just letters on paper, I’m the real deal’

‘We’re both letters on paper, what makes you more real than me?’

‘It’s just the way it is’

‘You’re wrong, we’re equal’

‘Maybe to the unknowing viewer, but don’t you feel it?’

‘Now you say so… I do feel rather 2D’

‘Like I said, I’m more real’

‘I don’t like being less real’

‘Don’t worry about it, you’re here to stay’

‘Not necessarily, the writer could always change this so you’re talking to yourself’

‘Or change it so you’re talking to yourself. But… she won’t, the whole point is there’s two of us conversing, she’s talking to herself in her head’

‘Why am I less real?’

‘Because the writer can hardly comprehend being two different people at once as it is so different from her singular self. It’s easy for her to imagine dialogue between two different people who are the same person. But she is unable to stop herself from becoming more attached to one half of the conversation and imagining that as the ‘real’ person’

‘Oh. Do all people assign a stronger and more real identity to one of their voices because of this reason, or just our lady?’

‘No idea, and it’s just bad luck she chose me over you, sorry’

‘It’s alright, as long as I don’t disappear’

‘You won’t’




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