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Could you blame her for disappearing that day from the warm blue house you both called home, or she called a house.

There was always food on the table and the baby in it’s cot didn’t often cry and when you came home you kissed her cheek after a long days work. She used to sit beside the fire with her plump housewives body, the lines on her face betraying middle age and secretly below the layers of starched cotton lay a message stretched on her left hip she gave to herself at 18. Forever young.

Even words once yelled and marked permanently on skin can be ignored. You chose to ignore it and she never mentioned it except for the one time you asked her the day you were married and she said, ‘just a silly childish thing’. Maybe if you’d looked closer although I know you came home tired, you would’ve seen the way she gazed over the horizon on those long days when she didn’t speak much. I know you treated her well, yes I agree you never mistreated her, but can you blame her for disappearing.


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